The Difference Between LEED and Green Maintenance Solutions

the standard for which green buildings are measuredThe Difference Between LEED and Green Maintenance Solutions

GreenEfficient® is different than any other green service provider on the market. We take a business-friendly approach to green cleaning and LEED property management. We believe that green = $green$, and our job is to save you money by saving the environment.

We are grounded in a true sense of environmental protection, and we are able to care for your facilities and the earth at the same time.

The difference between the past and the future.

The future is a healthier world. The future is a cleaner world. You’ve already chosen to be on the vanguard of the 21st century by building a green or LEED facility. That was the easy part; unfortunately for some, the ongoing maintenance of a LEED certified building is an unanticipated headache. Not so if you choose GreenEfficient®.

Maybe you haven’t yet taken the plunge into LEED certification, but instead have opted to make your facility as green as possible. GreenEfficient® is on board with you every step of the way, whether you choose our green janitorial professionals or you opt in to one or more services from the suite of facility management programs that we offer.

We don’t know about the facility management services you’ve used before us. Our job is to keep your facilities so well maintained and make things so easy for you that you cannot imagine using any other service.

Why you should choose GreenEfficient®.

We’re able to provide highly-efficient, eco-friendly and people-friendly services no matter how large or small your building. The difference between green and LEED isn’t huge, but we can manage either your green or LEED facility with ease. Here is a list of just some of the ways we make a difference for the environment and your bottom line:

  1. Clean restrooms more often. This preventative measure uses less product and is more cost-effective. We focus on areas where dirt and germs are concentrated – places that people come in contact with frequently, like door handles and faucets. Frequent cleaning also prevents serious potential health risks from taking hold by trapping pollutants – like mold, mildew, allergens, etc. – early and often. Focusing on these areas throughout the day makes cleaning green easier.
  2. Implement a recycling program. Your facility, wallet and local environment will benefit by producing far less waste than ever.
  3. Use recycled paper and plastic products (when available ). Sustainable goods are more easily biodegraded and are better for both the indoor and outdoor environment.
  4. Prevent the introduction of harmful cleaning chemicals. We address the #1 cause of chemical pollution at the source, using only highly-effective, eco-friendly cleaning products.
  5. Promote frequent changing of air filters to better indoor air quality. Americans spend 90% of their day indoors. Changing filters frequently ups the efficiency of your heating and air system, while promoting a healthier indoor environment for your tenants – especially during the cold and flu season.
  6. Provide alternate vendors to conserve finances and environmental resources. We are sometimes able to keep costs down more effectively for you by utilizing GreenEfficient®-approved vendors better situated to service your facilities.
  7. Limit the types of light bulbs used in facilities. We encourage and use energy-efficient bulbs and limit the use of standard lighting whenever possible. This is an often overlooked way to conserve, but the long-term savings add up quickly.
  8. Use ergonomically-correct products and equipment.This is a no-brainer to savemoney on staffing. By using only products and equipment designed to exert the least amount of stress on the body of our staff, we ensure their longevity, health and efficiency. Another way to save your “human capital” is:
  9. We don’t perform tasks that waste human resources. We educate your tenants, management and our staff on the most efficient ways to maintain your LEED certification. Utilizing our standardized practices and procedures is a time-saver for everyone. When all efforts are coordinated, you save time and money and gain peace of mind no matter where you are.

The difference between green and LEED is clear: The entire GreenEfficient® program is built upon conservation of your money, your health, our staff, and nature’s resources – no matter what type of green or LEED building you have. Trust your facility’s care to us, and see why GreenEfficient® is making a difference in LEED and green facility management worldwide.