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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Texas Storage Unit Development

May 14, 2018  /  commercial real estate brokers

In 1964, Russ Williams and his stepson Bob Munn built the first self-storage facility with garage-style doors in Odessa, Texas. Over the years, self-storage facilities have cropped up all over the nation. Currently, self-storage is a multi-billion dollar industry, bringing in $38 billion in annual revenue. Almost 10 percent of all American households rents a […]

How to take back a nasty email

April 16, 2010  /  Lifestyle

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to properly dodge a bullet or wrestle free from an alligator then you could do a lot worse than pick up an instant classic, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Through a mix of diagrams and real tips sourced by Navy SEALS, stuntmen, and other authorities, the book manages […]

Need a parking spot? There’s an app for that.

April 12, 2010  /  Lifestyle

Imagine if instead of endlessly circling the block looking for a parking spot, you could somehow search for a space online, find one, and pay five bucks to secure it. That’s the idea behind StreetParkNYC, a Web app that entrepreneur Rufus Davis launched a few weeks ago. It works like this: A parking spot seeker […]

Packaging powered by magic mushrooms

April 11, 2010  /  Lifestyle

Remember those annoying and environmentally incorrect Styrofoam peanuts that would messily tumble out of gadget-packed boxes? It was only a matter of time before packing material got less annoying as well as more sustainable. And while you won’t find packaging made from actual peanuts, what would you say to mushroom roots? That’s one of the […]

ÜberTwitter doesn’t suck

April 6, 2010  /  Lifestyle

There was a time not long ago when you could Google the name of any product plus the word “sucks” and get a search result yielding a fairly clear and passionate taste of what Internet users thought of the said product and how it stacked up against other products. Try that trick today, however, and […]

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