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Greener Inventions: MIT Adds a “Shock” to Sustainable Energy

April 8, 2009  /  Lifestyle

Need a legitimate reason to speed down Texas roads?  Okay, so no matter what’s going on, the roads in Texas still have speed limits.  However, with a new invention from students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), you might soon have a good reason to go off-roading.Now, engineers from all over the world have been […]

Pay for your own Garbage!

March 27, 2009  /  Lifestyle

Our throw-away society supports a generation of excess, frivolous spending and irresponsible garbage disposal.  On average, one person generates seven to times their own body weight in waste.Charge ItIf people were responsible to pay for their own garbage disposal, you can bet there would be an effort to cut down on waste.  When we are […]

Sustainable Energy Sources in Texas

December 24, 2008  /  Lifestyle

Growing by one percent each year, six percent of energy in Texas is presently generated by West Texas wind power.Sustainable energy means that the source is capable of fulfilling the need at the moment without eventually depleting it due to its use by the human race.  Renewable sources of energy are elements that can’t be […]

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