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The Dangers of Mixing Cleaning Chemicals

October 16, 2009  /  Lifestyle

Ammonia-based chemicals, Acid-based chemicals and Bleach-based products are the standard products of traditional cleaning services.  Individually these products are dangerous enough, but when they are intentionally or inadvertently mixed, they can cause tragic and fatal results. Unfortunately, cleaners sometimes seek to create a “stronger” cleaning mixture to either ease the cleaning effort or to tackle […]

Oh! Those Toilet Bowl Cleaners

October 14, 2009  /  Lifestyle

So, here’s the deal.  If you had a product that contained hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, oxalic acid or sodium bisulfate, would you use it to clean in your home? Would you store it in your home, mix it in your house; leave sponges and/or mops that have come in contact with the chemicals in your […]

End the Sick Building Syndrome

September 28, 2009  /  Lifestyle

Companies around the globe are beginning to fully understand the “Sick Building Syndrome” and the toll it is taking on personnel and productivity.  In addition to promoting a healthier environment, green cleaning has taken aim on the conditions that cause Sick Building Syndrome.  Through the use of less invasive products and better cleaning techniques, great […]