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5 Steps To Assist Your Green Cleaning Initiative

September 14, 2009  /  Lifestyle

The biggest short-term beneficiaries of LEED certified green cleaning procedures are the building occupants and cleaning staff. The biggest long-term beneficiaries of green cleaning are all the future generations who shall inherit the earth.

12 Green Steps to a Cleaner Building

July 30, 2009  /  building maintenance

Green cleaning services are the means to the end for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings.  Cleaning programs that promote sustainability, health, safety and social consciousness can earn LEED credits.  Green cleaning services improve indoor air quality, develop stalwart recycling programs, minimize the use of raw materials and eliminate the use of […]

Pay for your own Garbage!

March 27, 2009  /  Lifestyle

Our throw-away society supports a generation of excess, frivolous spending and irresponsible garbage disposal.  On average, one person generates seven to times their own body weight in waste.Charge ItIf people were responsible to pay for their own garbage disposal, you can bet there would be an effort to cut down on waste.  When we are […]