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How to discourage unwanted advances

April 14, 2010  /  Lifestyle

You could argue that there are worse problems than receiving unwanted romantic advances, but at the end of the day if the advances really are unwanted, it’s still a problem. Women in particular don’t have to be told that at the very least, unwanted attention from a man can be a nuisance, and sometimes when […]

Need a parking spot? There’s an app for that.

April 12, 2010  /  Lifestyle

Imagine if instead of endlessly circling the block looking for a parking spot, you could somehow search for a space online, find one, and pay five bucks to secure it. That’s the idea behind StreetParkNYC, a Web app that entrepreneur Rufus Davis launched a few weeks ago. It works like this: A parking spot seeker […]

How to get a free room upgrade

April 10, 2010  /  Lifestyle

If you’ve ever been in line behind someone who has asked a hotel clerk for an upgrade, you may have noticed a couple things: 1) The person didn’t ask in an effective way 2) The person didn’t get the upgrade It’s not enough to just flat out ask for an upgrade or even to ask […]

Office supplies are entertainment expenses

April 8, 2010  /  Lifestyle

Tell someone you’re heading for a casino and you’ll often get a piece of cautionary wisdom having to do with not losing your shirt. A specific warning that seems to come up a lot is, “Don’t gamble more than you’re willing to lose in an evening’s entertainment.” The problem with that advice is that it […]

Put first things first

April 7, 2010  /  Lifestyle

Imagine walking into a room and on a table is a bucket. Beside it are three very large rocks, about six smaller rocks, about a dozen pebbles, and a pile of sand. Now imagine that you’re asked to place each of those things in the bucket in a specific order, and explain why. The explanation, […]

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