Service Profit Chain

The GreenEfficient® Service Profit Chain

GreenEfficient<sup>®</sup> Service Profit ChainOur Service Profit chain shows the GreenEfficient® priority map in a graphical format. We believe, as does Harvard Business School who developed this process, if we invest in certain areas of business process our clients will benefit. Our focus for the past several years has been to invest heavily in our operating strategy and service delivery systems, which specifically include: Internal Service Quality, Job Design, Employee Development, Tools to Serve our Clients, Employee Engagement, Employee Retention and Employee Productivity.

As you read this proposal and learn about our innovative use of software tools such as Evernote® and Podio® to streamline operations and client communications, you will see why GreenEfficient® gives you the advantage.

We believe, and have proven, that investments in these areas, along with a unique service concept and brand, we can make clients satisfied and loyal. It is only when you have fundamentally solid operations, with satisfied & loyal clients, that a company can have long-term revenue growth and profit.