Our Corporate Story

At GreenEfficient®, we follow our Five Core Values through to execution. This execution requires that we follow a formula for success created by Harvard University, called the Service Profit Chain. This profit chain teaches us that investments into our organization should be made primarily into operating strategy, service delivery and internal service quality systems. Through our decades of corporate experience, we have developed thorough mechanisms for managing the various facets of job design, employee selection, employee development, rewards and recognition and client service tools.

While most of our competitors are focused on growth and profits – hoping that long-term value will come from those – GreenEfficient® focuses on Employee Engagement measurements and project-level reviews. Only after we have a solid understanding over how to deliver services in a world-class manner, should we focus on marketing and branding tactics and profits. We believe if we operate with world-class execution, we will eventually have long-term loyal clients who help us gain consistent revenue growth and profits.


We enjoy taking on complex assignments. Our experience has dealt with complexities from a variety of perspectives including large quantities of locations, facilities with infectious diseases, clean rooms, high-security, geographically dispersed groups of buildings up to 500 miles apart, high-traffic facilities and complexes with unique environmental concerns.

In 2006, we were awarded a contract from Consolidated Communications out of Matoon, Illinois to provide facility maintenance at 160 of their buildings. Because the client was in the communications business, they needed repeater stations to service their rural customers – stations which were commonly well outside cities and off unpaved county roads. The project encompassed maintenance of 160 buildings throughout the greater Houston area (from Katy, Texas to Lufkin, Texas areas) and included weekly cleaning of approximately 145 equipment buildings in rural areas and daily maintenance of 15 office buildings in Katy, Conroe and Lufkin, Texas. During the successful fulfillment of this project, we learned to manage projects which where geographically dispersed (by several hundred miles) and required overlapping project managers to be responsible to a single client contact. From this, we learned to develop decision rights which were created by Koch Industries as they developed their Market Based Management principles. By enforcing decision rights – specifying decision limits to staff – costs and procedures can be controlled while also providing a uniform client experience. Where the traditional company would focus on managing by geography or seniority, this system breaks down managerially when the quantity and complexity of projects exceeds a given threshold. By turning to Market Based Management and perfecting decision rights, we have gained greater flexibility to deal with complex assignments.

Throughout our history, we have upgraded processes in response to new challenges. We have developed a corporate culture of building documented systems to prevent issues. In 2008, we began implementing this corporate culture focus on knowledge sharing systems. Our method has always meant to make sure we had processes documented, in order to quickly onboard new staff during times of rapid growth. A secondary purpose was to learn from each other’s lessons. Since that time in 2008, every single one of our managers and office team use Evernote® to track knowledge sharing. By collecting the best ideas, processes and procedures from our staff and making them available to all, we become smarter together. By taking this knowledge from a network or paper format, and putting it into the cloud via Evernote, the information becomes accessible and useable on our mobile devices and tablets in real-time. We often have teams 500 miles apart share pictures, notes and documents using their mobile devices. We became a better company the day we unlocked knowledge sharing to tackle the right problems throughout our organization.map-tx

Another issue we overcame was that of quantification of performance. Most companies look at this from a quality control inspections perspective, while we look at it from a data-gathering perspective. The philosophical question is this: Are the right people on the team? If the right people are on the team, quality control inspections of people shouldn’t be necessary after training, only inspections of components.  If the wrong people are on the team, then repetitive inspections, corrections and retraining are necessary. By moving from an inspection model to a measurement model the purpose behind inspections changes. Our purpose behind data-gathering is to reinforce the good habits of consistency, performance and right-procedures. We have found that when service staff understand that your purpose and intentions for checking their work are not to correct the negative performance, but to reinforce the positive – employee engagement skyrockets. Happy employees make for happy clients.

As a company with “green” in our name, we take our response to sustainability and creation care very seriously. In fact, our CEO was the 6th non-architect in the world to receive a LEED Accredited Professional certification. His LEED specialty is in both Operations & Maintenance and LEED Retrofits of Existing Buildings. By having a dedication of sustainability from the top-down, organizationally, GreenEfficient® has proven itself to be truly environmentally-responsible. This contrasts with the opportunistic nature of most companies in green fields where only middle management have certifications.

GreenEfficient® has been involved in numerous LEED certifications throughout the years.  Between 2009 and 2011, we worked with Colliers International to obtain LEED Gold while providing full facilities maintenance at Panattoni Corporate Centre development. Facilities encompassed 2- 150,000 SF Class A office buildings, of which, GreenEfficient® provided LEED-compliance audits of the previous management company prior to taking over day-to-day LEED-compliant O&M duties.

Additionally, since 2012, we have been providing facilities maintenance, LEED submittals, consulting and LEED inspections for a portfolio of medical buildings, one of which received a LEED certification. That building, Westgreen Medical Facility, houses a 30,000 square foot Department of Veterans Affairs clinic on the 3rd floor. Additionally, there are commercial surgical suites and exam rooms throughout the remaining 60,000 square feet.

At 2.1 Million useable square feet, the DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center is one of the largest buildings to obtain both the GreenGlobes and EnergyStar certifications. In 2010, we provided the VA a sample of our capabilities when we successfully performed floor stripping and refinishing of 7 miles of corridors in 42 days – all after-hours and while occupied. Since 2011, GreenEfficient® has been providing dedicated project management to execute a variety of projects for this VISN. In 2012, we provided building envelope retrofit of all joints, sealants and window glazing for this six story facility. Simultaneously, we are currently executing a 5 year Canteen O&M contract (15 FT employees), a 4 year restroom maintenance contract (additional 14 FT employees) and executing an average of 5 special projects per month onsite. In late 2013, we rolled out a customized Citrix dashboard for the client in order to share inspection metrics, including health, appearance, safety and hygiene scores across over 100 restrooms we service four times daily.

Our consulting abilities are in high demand due to our real-world experience maintaining facilities. Other LEED certification/consulting projects documented, along with O&M projects completed, include: BPG (2011, 69,000 SF Class A Office Building), GreenBank Headquarters (2010, 20,000 SF Bank Building), WYAK Investments (2009, 30,000 SF Office Building) and Westway 1 (2008, 150,000 SF Class A Office Building). Several of these buildings had sophisticated security and medical procedures which had to be reconciling with LEED or EnergyStar standards without hindering operational performance for the client. In each case, GreenEfficient® worked with the client to effectively utilize newer and more efficient facility operations standards.

As diseases become more rapidly infectious and datacenters become localized, maintenance of critical care environments has become more difficult without market adaptation. Our core capability of providing project management of complex facilities services has greatly strengthened by our experience with working in difficult environments. For instance, our work at the Corpus Christi Army Depot’s Class 100 cleanroom for military component analysis gave us experience working in contaminant-free environments. Our extensive experience in working within medical facilities with unique infection control issues, such as flesh-eating bacteria and Clostridium difficile colitis, has aided our ability to train staff for rare, but important processes. By gaining the ability to train for high-risk rarities as well as working in meticularities, GreenEfficient® has established itself as a uniquely qualified project manager.

At GreenEfficient®, we like complex issues in facilities, but we absolutely love complex issues inside of complex facilities. One example has been our pioneering advancement of the use of LEED for Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) inside of medical use facilities.

Complex projects require capable thinking skills. GreenEfficient® takes pride in the intelligence of our employees and making sure we have the right people on the team. GreenEfficient® actively recruits returning veterans through the VA’s Transitional Work Program to fill openings in our services team.  About one third of the GreenEfficient® staff are veterans.  In addition to their reliability and dedication, veterans bring to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience that has served our clients well.

The combined experience of our staff include certifications and licenses in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, welding, fire and security systems, LEED, ServSafe and CPM.  GreenEfficient® staff hold certifications in Certified Nursing Assistance, CPR, warehouse equipment operations, and fire equipment maintenance.  By bringing diverse skillsets, capabilities and individuals together into a cohesive system, GreenEfficient® can provide a breadth of experience like no other.