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Green Janitorial and Green Building Maintenance Services

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GreenEfficient®’s green janitorial services and green building maintenance programs are designed with office building clients in mind. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact and health risks of day-to-day operations by using environmentally responsible products, equipment and procedures that also save you money.

We are committed to supplying you with exceptional daily cleaning inside your facilities. We provide green cleaning services that promote good indoor air quality, occupant health, and recycling while reducing water and electricity consumption through proven energy-saving techniques.

Our one-of-a-kind building maintenance and facility management services are used throughout the country in hundreds of facilities. Our most senior LEED accredited professional is one of only six in the world certified to work in operations and maintenance capacities. His expertise is to your benefit as a client, and it’s one of the many reasons why we only service LEED, modern, and green-inspired facilities.

3_cooGreen janitorial services are yet another way for you to see a return on investment in your green and/or LEED facility. Our green janitorial professionals will support your green building initiatives by implementing a building maintenance program that’s designed specifically for your facilities.  We will see to it that your customized set of operating procedures and processes are followed to the letter so that we may optimize your building’s sustainability.

Our professional team will give you peace of mind that only comes with the highest level of professional care. Our green janitorial services are strictly managed to maximize the longevity of your facilities, and to meet your unique maintenance needs.

When your facility looks AND feels green, your commitment to environmental sustainability is clear. Our green janitorial services are second-to-none. Let your community – and the world – know that you are dedicated to sustainability by ensuring your facility is environmentally friendly every day.

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