LEED-AP Maintenance Team Oversight & Audit

You aren't getting the full benefits of LEED without GreenEfficient<sup>®</sup>

We Can Audit Maintenance, Structure, Operations and Purchasing for LEED Compliance

Maintaining LEED compliance is key to maintaining the benefits for which the facility was originally built. LEED certified buildings do more than protect the health of those in and around them; they represent a major financial and moral investment on behalf of the builder and owner. What greater incentive to keep on top of facility maintenance?

Our expert audits can reveal hidden opportunities for savings.

Specialized maintenance is the best way to ensure the ROI of your LEED building. GreenEfficient®’s certified LEED auditors give our clients peace of mind, knowing that their facility will always meet or exceed national standards.

The process starts with a comprehensive energy and waste audit, which provides the data you need for continued LEED certification. We analyze structures for weatherization and efficiency improvement, help collect data on cleaning performance, monitor energy management and assess waste management.

We will then work with you to find recommendations for improving any deficient areas. We also provide systematic audits of existing structures to verify that waste diversion figures are correct, materials and resources are still in line with estimates, and ensure that correct purchasing protocols are in force.

Your audit isn’t complete until we scrutinize every aspect of your facility’s maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance.

Performance, efficiency, durability.

All of our facility maintenance and operations services are overseen by LEED Accredited Professionals. These same experienced individuals can assist your maintenance team in ongoing training as well as day-to-day LEED certified facility management.

We are able to quantify the financial benefits of better indoor air quality, occupant health, and recycling while reducing water and electricity consumption through proven techniques already in place in hundreds of buildings nationwide.

We also assist clients with consulting services as needed. In short – we can do it all. Learn more about what we can do to help with your facility’s LEED audit.