Janitorial Ongoing Services

Ongoing Janitorial Services

Janitorial Ongoing Services

The finest buildings throughout the country right now are being cleaned using our one-of-a-kind janitorial maintenance service. Our clients trust our expertise and have come to rely on our superior quality. Our senior LEED accredited professional is one of the first six in the world certified to work in operations and maintenance capacities and is highly experienced in traditional janitorial operations. His combination of traditional janitorial sensibilities with state-of-the-art green janitorial practices will save you money and worry; we only provide janitorial services for LEED, modern, and green-inspired facilities. We offer specific expertise working with educational complexes, green medical facilities, high security & government facilities, and high-profile Class A+ green corporate facilities.


We maximize facility performance through disciplined actions, remarkable client service and proactive engagement with stakeholders.


We provide complete janitorial, lighting, porter, HVAC, elevator, generator, roof and structural maintenance services.

Case Study: Why a Publically Traded Company Placed 160 Facilities with GreenEfficient®

The Problem: Multiple Facility Maintenance Vendors

In 2006, Consolidated Communications was struggling with managing their portfolio of 160 facilities across 50 cities. These facilities comprised 1,200,000 square feet of office, training, data center and mechanical areas spread across 250 miles. They struggled to find a single vendor who could maintain all the buildings which were in both city and rural areas, so they used multiple local vendors. This resulted in unsatisfactory conditions and high charges. By consolidating commercial real estate vendors across the entire portfolio of facilities, the client procurement team felt added value could be unlocked. If only they could find a trusted partner with the logistical skills necessary to execute such a complex project.

The Solution: Single Source Facility Maintenance and Management

Consolidated Communications turned to GreenEfficient®’s Omega Group for a solution to manage all 160 facilities. GreenEfficient® began services at all 160 buildings on the same day and performed exceptionally well, according to the client’s real estate manager. Consolidated Communications saved approximately $360,000 over the first 3 years by switching to GreenEfficient® while also receiving far superior service. Client staff was provided real time, even in 2006, photo inspections of all 160 locations – saving them additional travel time to inspection asset conditions.


GreenEfficient® focuses client resources on providing operationally efficient services. Efficiency is doing only the right things.


GreenEfficient® has been the leader in doing things right through innovative business modeling, reporting and asset maximization.

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GreenEfficient® sends our facility managers to be trained in remarkable client service at AAA Five Star Resorts.

Janitorial Service Job Design

Using a specialist-model for on-site operations services, GreenEfficient® Inc., staff members are trained to excel in specific jobs. The system is based on the Team Cleaning System, whereby individuals are given Specialist positions rather than generalist work. Sites are serviced by an assortment of the following:

  • Light Duty Specialists
  • Vacuum/Floor Specialists
  • Restroom Specialists
  • Utility Specialists
  • Supervisory / Quality Control Inspectors

Staff are provided with CAD-driven floor plans and cleaning routes which provide a systemic process for cleaning. The process provides higher quality services compared to other traditional cleaning processes.

Team Cleaning is really work simplification and redistribution. The introduction of the back pack vacuum suction technology provides less operator body stress, lowers the fatigue factor, increases greater particle capture through improved filtration, makes access to hard to reach areas easier and improves production capacity. Where in the past most general cleaning personnel had to vacuum as part of their duties, we now have made that a Specialist resulting in what we call a team; one starts the cleaning process by removing dust, collecting trash, etc. followed by another who vacuums and performs quality checks on the first Specialist.

This comprises the key team in Team Cleaning. The Light Duty Specialist (starter) is followed by the Vacuum Specialist (closer) over approximately the same assigned square footage. Depending upon the type of facility there is a queuing gap that needs to be determined. For example, in an office building the Closer will produce about 30% more square feet per hour than the Starter, therefore the queue gap is one to two hours depending on part time or full time shifts.

Employee Selection

We look for employees who love the service business. All employees must undergo an application process which is reviewed and verified by their future Supervisor or Project Manager. Based on the requests and security needs, prospective staff may undergo background checks and additional screenings.

Employee Development

New staff undergo an initial 2 day training on both the GreenEfficient® and client standards. They need to learn about the following items:

    • Company Background & Opportunities for Career Growth
    • Exceeding Client Expectations as a Basis for Compensation
    • Quality Control Inspections (what we expect)
    • Workplace Safety

Let us help you keep your facility clean, efficient and LEED-compliant. By partnering with a commercial office cleaning provider like GreenEfficient®, you can be assured that your facility will always be eco-friendly and cost-friendly. Contact us to see how GreenEfficient® can help take the hassle out of janitorial services.