Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Tile Maintenance

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Tile Maintenance

It is imperative that interior finishes such as carpets, tiling, partitions and other fabrics be sustained to maximize their useful life and to keep them out of landfills. Our preventative maintenance programs will continuously remove all soils before lasting damage can occur. This increase the life of our interior assets and your ROI (return on investment). We provide commercial carpet cleaning services and commercial tile maintenance to clients with facilities in excess of 100,000 square feet. The commercial tile maintenance services includes stripping, waxing, sealing and scrubbing services for hard floors of all types.

When your facility’s interior assets, such as carpets, furniture and floors, have been neglected too long, restorative services may be in order. These services may include tile or marble floor maintenance services such as LEED-compliant refinishing. Restrooms often are the culprit and need to utilize our stain, odor-control and grout cleaning & sanitization services.