Making LEED Buildings Easier to Maintain

June 11, 2008  /  Lifestyle

Maintaining your green building is now even easier than ever with GreenEfficient®’s full service maintenance program. This Houston-based LEED® facilities service and consulting firm has created a special service designed to protect your money, health, and the environment all at the same time. They execute their services through offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin and Corpus Christi.

GreenEfficient® prides itself on creating a unique service that, unlike other facilities maintenance companies, addresses several aspects of building maintenance. They clean the restrooms and change air filters more frequently, implement a recycling program, and recommend other service providers in the Houston area who use environmentally friendly materials.

The service is based on three principles: efficient staff, efficient processes, and efficient tools so you can trust their work. Each staff member goes through a detailed training before going out into the field. As part of this training, they learn everything from the fundamentals of corporate recycling to virus prevention in the workplace. Of course, all products and materials used by GreenEfficient® are non-toxic and made from recycled products.

GreenEfficient® clients immediately notice improved air quality and disease control. Within one year, clients note reduced employee absenteeism and allergic reactions as well as electric and water savings. The GreenEfficient® plan helps Houston facilities earn important LEED® credits as well.

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  1. Karol

    Won’t lose principal ? Don’t bet on it. Houston has been thorugh jingle mail in the past could come again. Tons of books say stocks are best too. Can have a good reit section in your portfolio if like RE but stocks more likely to come thorugh if portfolio done right. Market was 700 in 1981. Don’t forget how much that market has made as well as RE. Both can go down from time to time. RE could be very illiquid at the time you need to sell. That would be the worst -case scenario.

    September 29, 2012

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