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Is Houston A Contender for Amazon HQ2 Office?

November 30, 2017  /  Lifestyle

After Amazon’s September announcement to construct its new headquarters, dubbed Amazon HQ2, cities and regions across the continent completed and submitted Phase I bids by the October 19 deadline. According to Amazon, the company received 238 proposals from states, regions and provinces throughout North America. With a plan to establish this second headquarters, Amazon offers […]

Houston’s Premier Office Buildings Still Outperforming the Market

September 4, 2017  /  commercial office leasing Lifestyle

A Down Market in Houston Houston’s commercial real estate market continues to be slightly down, reflecting a national trend. Industrial and retail properties have fared better than the office market which has been slow to rebound. Houston’s commercial real estate market closely follows energy market trends. Because of this, low oil prices affect the city. […]

Best Marcus Buckingham Quotes from Global Leadership Summit 2017

August 25, 2017  /  commercial property management Lifestyle

“Leading is taking someone’s unique gifts and helping them contribute to the world.” “Excellence has its own pattern. You learn nothing about excellence by studying your failures.” “When you take bad and invert it, you just get ‘not bad.’ Good is something so much better.” “People on your team want two things: 1) Make me […]

The Rise and Fall of the Houston Office Market

July 14, 2017  /  commercial office leasing Lifestyle

A weakened energy market combined with slow job growth hasn’t done the Houston office market any favors. Over the past few years, Houston has struggled, but now the area is seeing signs of stabilization due to a decrease in available sublease space and a decline in energy sector layoffs. A Year of Fluctuations – Q1 […]

The 3 Attributes of Success in Delegating Authority

December 5, 2016  /  Lifestyle

Probably the most common misunderstanding I hear when trying to help other leaders is that they believe there is a universal rule that leaders always must delegate authority. This common fallacy comes from weak readers who turn into weak leaders. Yes, the reading effects the leading. In more averagely-run organizations, the employees (or stakeholders) are […]

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