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Here at GreenEfficient®, we take pride in the fact that our senior LEED-AP (Accredited Professional) is one of only six in the world accredited to work in the facility operations and management of LEED certified buildings. We also make sure that our LEED APs oversee every project, whether it’s facilities maintenance and management or commercial cleaning. These two points mean a lot to us, but what do they mean for you?

For Existing Buildings in Houston

Mayor Bill White and many others are pushing for a greener Houston. LEED certified buildings and green-based buildings are less of a trend and moving more towards becoming industry standard. In fact, the entire “green movement” is reaching the point of industry standard, from cleaning supplies to efficient utility usage. For the owners of existing buildings in Houston, LEED certification is growing into an economically viable way to meet the consumer demand for eco friendly businesses.

One of the requirements of attaining that certification is having a LEED AP oversee the project. While you can hire a LEED AP outside of the company or spend the time to train one in-house, both options can cost in time and money.

Through GreenEfficient®’s green building services, you’ll have an expert on hand to oversee every aspect and guarantee compliance with LEED standards, whether you need a purchasing policy or the overhaul of an existing HVAC system. Because we have a LEED-AP on every project, hiring GreenEfficient® to help convert your existing building into a LEED certified building automatically provides you with one point towards that certification.

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For Green Buildings in Houston

Do you have a green building but aren’t interested in LEED certification? Having a LEED-AP on hand for your project gives you the added benefit of having someone trained in eco friendly buildings. Our LEED-APs can help train your staff, create a green purchasing policy, choose eco friendly cleaning vendors and more.

With so much information on the Internet on how to be a greener facility, you should be able to do it yourself. Unfortunately, some of that information is conflicting, leaving earnest business owners to wonder who is right. Most don’t have the time and resources for trial and error.

With a LEED-AP and the green building services of GreenEfficient®, you get it done right the first time, every time.

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