Green Housekeeping

Green Housekeeping

GreenEfficient®’s LEED-certified green housekeeping services are exactly what your LEED facility needs to meet innovation or O & M credits. Our green janitorial service promotes amazingly good IAQ (indoor air quality), and therefore occupant health. We are able to maximize paper, plastic, and metal recycling initiatives while reducing water and electricity consumption through proven techniques. These services meet or exceed LEED specifications and are managed by a GreenEfficient® staff LEED-AP.

There are many commercial cleaning companies calling themselves green cleaning companies. What sets GreenEfficient® apart from the rest?

  • We specialize in green housekeeping for LEED-compliant and green buildings. All of our employees have been trained to provide the most efficient, eco-friendly products and services to our clients.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure your green facility stays LEED compliant and/or green. As an example, we know restrooms play a big part in the health hazards of any facility. One of the GreenEfficient® differences is that we focus on this area, cleaning restrooms more often without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals.
  • We help you breathe better by promoting the frequent changing of air filters for better IAQ (indoor air quality). Dirty filters and interior ductwork are a major reason for poor IAQ, pushing dust and microscopic particles of insects, animals, and debris throughout your facility. We work with the proper MERV rated filters to maximize ROI.
  • We are efficient, taking the best from lean manufacturing procedures to ensure we don’t perform useless tasks that waste human resources. Our commercial green cleaning services are based on promoting good health for your occupants, better indoor air quality, lean practices, and a healthy bottom line for you.

Our one-of-a-kind green housekeeping maintenance services are used throughout the country in hundreds of facilities. Our senior LEED accredited professional is one of only six in the world accredited to work in operations and maintenance capacities. We only service LEED, modern, and green-inspired facilities.

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