Houston Facilities Benefit from GreenEfficient®’s Facility Management and Janitorial Services

How Do Green Facilities in Houston Benefit from GreenEfficient®’s Facility Management and Janitorial Services?

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GreenEfficient® provides programs tailor-fit for our Houston clients.  For some, we provide full facility maintenance and management.  For others, we offer our green cleaning services.  Some only need occasional guidance, such as help with creating a purchasing policy, while others need their staff trained.

GreenEfficient® does it all.  In fact, we have the capabilities to take care of every aspect of property management for LEED compliant and green-based buildings except for the security guards.

As the owner of a Houston LEED certified building, you may already understand the importance of using a company that knows LEED standards.  As a modern or green building owner, however, you’re still gaining all the benefits of training and implementation from our LEED-APs.  If you ever decide to go for LEED certification to match the reform Houston’s mayor is asking for, you’ll already be a step ahead.

The Benefits of GreenEfficient®’s Services

GreenEfficient® is a unique, efficient solution that provides added benefits for your Houston LEED or green facility:

  • Cost Neutral – As we’ve stated before on this site, one of the things that makes us unique is that we use ideas taken from the lean manufacturing handbook to ensure top quality and the highly efficient use of our time.  The major benefit to you as the facility owner is that you receive all the pluses that come with a highly skilled, knowledgeable staff without added cost.  Thanks to lean manufacturing principles, our green facility management and janitorial services are a cost neutral solution for your business.
  • Reductions in Utility Usage – Many of our programs focus on helping you, as the facility owner or manager, streamline your bottom line.  Our eco friendly services have helped many Houston LEED and green building owners recognize lower overall utility costs, such as a 40% reduction in water usage and a 30% reduction in energy usage.
  • Higher Building Occupancy – With green building becoming more standard than an alternative, potential occupants are keeping an eye out for healthier, more eco friendly buildings.  Even small operational changes towards environmental considerations can raise the overall value of your building.

For LEED certified buildings, owners and managers can realize as much as a 10%-30% increase in revenues.  As well, LEED certified buildings have a median 4% higher occupancy rate than standard Class A facilities.  GreenEfficient® can help you create the necessary operational changes, or help you convert your standard facility to meet LEED certification requirements to maximize your investment.

  • Higher Productivity, Lower Health Costs – Our green janitorial division deals with several areas inside and outside your building.  One of these areas is indoor air quality, the culprit of many sick days, illnesses and allergies.  By making this one of our main focus points, GreenEfficient® has helped facility owners save over $58 billion per year in lost sick time by improving bad indoor air quality.