Waterproofing Roof & Wall Restoration, Renovations, Retrofits

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Waterproofing, Wall Restoration, Renovations, Retrofits

There are only a few major building systems that can offer significant energy and environmental benefits. Naturally, the HVAC and lighting systems play a key role in energy efficiency. But, equally important are the building envelope roof and wall systems. See also,

With experience in weatherproofing and waterproofing of building envelopes, GreenEfficient® is capable of handling the largest and smallest of projects. We only service commercial facilities in the private, government and medical markets. We are capable of providing complete waterproofing from the walls, entryways, roofing, windows and all external points of a facility.

GreenEfficient®’s High Efficient Roof & Wall systems have a significant positive impact through:
– Increased Energy Efficiency – caulking, window glazing, leak prevention
– Reduced Negative Environmental Impact
– Reduced Material Waste to Landfill
– Increased Occupant Health & Well-Being
– Extension of Building Life Cycle
– Cleaner Air & Water
– Potential Inclusion of Renewable Energy Generation Systems

“Sustainability” is an overused and misunderstood term. The most basic foundation of sustainability is making sure we use our limited resources as efficiently as absolute possible. The first step in this approach is to make sure that our current assets are utilized as long as possible before replacement – quite simply, reduce cost & extend system life-cycle through Restoration, Renovation or Retrofit.

Initial energy efficiency begins with the amount of energy required to harvest, manufacture and transport new systems to the building. Then, through the service life of the system, energy efficiency is a direct function of many characteristics (solar reflectance, thermal resistance, thermal emittance, thermal mass, transpiration, convection and air flow). A system can lose efficiency by premature failure of any one of these properties.
Restoration techniques take full advantage of the still functioning components while repairing at a much lower cost only the features required in restoring the system back to its highest efficiency.