Renewable Energy Generation Systems (Solar, Wind, Geothermal)

Renewable Energy Generation Systems (Solar, Wind, Geothermal)

A recent American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) survey found that electricity demand in the U.S. alone will grow by at least 40 percent over the next 25 years. Unfortunately, the current electrical distribution network loses approximately 26% of all electricity produced. Many areas experience overloaded demand resulting in power interruptions.

The cost of electrical energy continues to increase – in some regions across the United States, energy costs have escalated up to 60% over the past several years.

The solution is site-generated solar, wind or geothermal energy.

The cost of photovoltaic solar and wind turbines is continually becoming more affordable and practical. Many of our government agencies have identified the many advantages of renewable energy generation and have goals in place to reduce facility reliance on electrical grid energy. 
– Unlimited Source 
– Site Generation close to Usage, very low distribution loss
– Net Metering, excess electricity pushed back to grid for cost credit
– Low Cost “Energy Real Estate” (roof tops)
– Mitigates Inflationary Effects of Volatile Energy Costs
– Reduces Environmental Impact, Reduces facility carbon footprint
– Provides Excellent community/public relations

Currently, there are some Federal/State and Utility incentives in place to assist with the initial system cost, and the expectation is additional incentives are just around the corner.

There are many different types of technology to explore and determine which is best for a specific location. The manufacturers of solar and wind system technologies have unique characteristics that separate each and need to be evaluated for efficiency and environmental impact independently. Research and development of new systems is an aggressive ongoing process with new ideas. Ideas that have improved current single junction system with 15% conversion efficiency to multi-junction layered systems with up to 40% efficiency.

GreenEfficient® can provide the complete analysis, design and installation for the most efficient system with the best return for your investment. A thorough analysis will include:

Location, Roof or Ground

  • Roof load capacity (including snow drift)

Shade Study
Wind Patterns & Wind Uplift Loads
Optimal Orientation and Slope
Suitable Technology

  • Solar – Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin Film
  • Wind – Rotor, Blade
  • Geothermal

Return on Investment (ROI)

In addition, GreenEfficient® will assist in the exploration of various financial incentives, available grants or the opportunity for no upfront costs through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).