High Efficiency Lighting & Daylight Systems

High Efficient Lighting & Daylight Systems

One of the quickest and easiest energy savings solutions may be to replace the lights in a building with more efficient bulbs. More efficient bulbs can reduce the energy usage used on lighting by more than half. GreenEfficient® can quickly evaluate a facilities current lighting system, recommend and install the most current technologies.

An additional consideration may be the installation of Daylight skylights that reduce the number of required fixtures in a space and magnify the amount of natural light. Natural daylight has been proven to increase health and wellness of occupants while reducing energy demand.

Each facility is different and we can cater to whatever preferences a client may be looking for. We work with many different suppliers that offer a variety of styles and prices.

LED Retrofit
LED lights are the most efficient lights and typically use a third of the electricity of most incandescent bulbs and they last twice as long. Although the savings are greater, there is always a tough decision when switching to LED’s because they have high upfront costs.

Switching Ballasts and Bulbs
If the price of LED’s seem too high or you have a smaller facility, simply switching to newer ballasts and reducing the number of bulbs may be the best option. Although the savings are lower than LED’s the cost is significantly less and may offer quicker paybacks.

GreenEfficient®’s Analysis
Our experts can look into several lighting options and show what the best option may be to save energy on lights for the long term.

Disposal and Rebate Programs
GreenEfficient® will properly dispose of the old fluorescent bulbs and ballasts, which keeps mercury and other harmful materials from impacting the environment. We will also perform our due diligence to optimize all government rebates which come with lighting retrofit projects. This can help lessen the overall costs of a project