Cool Roof & Wall Systems (High Reflective and Vegetated)

Cool Roof & Wall Systems (High Reflective and Vegetated)

High Reflective / High Albedo Systems

The physics of light colors or now expanded color ranges that have the capability to reflect heat energy (thermal reflectivity) and reduce absorbed energy (thermal emittance) is a proven benefit to building efficiency.  The reflectance characteristic is known to reduce over time, so the building codes are now referencing the 3-year aged value to more accurately describe a material’s effectiveness in the field.  Some codes will refer to the calculated Solar Reflectance Index as a means to compare materials.

Vegetated Roof & Wall Systems

The simple physics of shading and evapotranspiration provided by plants is another very good strategy for increasing the building’s energy efficiency.  Vegetated Roof & Wall Systems are increasing in popularity across the United States because of the many and wide variety of benefits:

Storm Water Runoff

  • Quantity Reduction, Time Delay to City Sewer, Filtration, and Harvest for Reuse

Storm Water Cost Reduction

  • Alternative to Expensive Surface Retention Ponds, Land Cost

Energy Efficiency

  • Added Thermal Mass from Growing Media Biomass
  • Shading from Direct Sun
  • Evapotranspiration Cooling Effect, ‘sweating’ of plants

Life Cycle Extension

  • Protection of Roof Membrane from UV Degradation, extends life 2-3 times conventional roof systems
  • Reduction of Membrane Thermal Expansion & Contraction
  • Reduction of Wind & Hail Damage to the roof membrane

Occupant Health & Wellness

  • Stress & Illness Reduction

Occupant Productivity

  • Improved Working Environment from Enhanced Visual Experience
  • Reduction of Lost Days due to Health Related Issues

Sound Absorption

  • Added Biomass Prevents External Sound Transmission

Public Relations & Marketing

  • Eco-friendly Company Reputation Builder
  • Leader in Innovation

Visual Impact & Enjoyment

  • Potential Increase in Rent or Purchase Price of Building

Additional Usable Public Space


  • Building Camouflage from Aerial Perspective

Urban Heat Island Reduction

  • Reduction in Surface Temperatures Reduce Ambient Air Temperatures

Air Pollution Reduction

  • Vegetation converts CO2 to Oxygen
  • Vegetation Cleans Air of Particulates

Biodiversity Enhancements

  • Increased Helpful Insect Species back into the City Environment

Job Creation

  • Green Technologies add to the Available Job Market

Food Production

  • Rooftop Growing Space
  • Revenue Potential

Preferential Construction Permitting

  • Cities are Expediting Projects with Vegetated Roof Systems as Encouragement

GreenEfficient® can provide the complete analysis, design and installation of High R-Value Roof Systems or Vegetated Roof System to fit the specific needs of the facility and surrounding environment. 

In addition, GreenEfficient® can incorporate a Rainwater Harvest system for both High R-Value and Vegetated Roof Systems that can be used to reduce the demand and cost of potable water for all landscape irrigation or grey water applications.