Building Automation Systems: Measurement, Monitoring and Verification

Building Automation Systems: Measurement, Monitoring and Verification

The simple statement, ‘you cannot manage what you do not measure’ is the foundation of energy conservation and efficiency.

An Integrated Building Management System is a single, cohesive building management system controlling lighting, HVAC, fire, security, and other facilities. Integrated Building Management Systems bring many benefits and help provide the highest energy performance from your building.

Better Management
Within smaller buildings, the ability to monitor and instruct the system from a single workstation, with a single display, means the System Manager’s task is easier and more efficient. They spend less time moving between systems with different GUIs and more time improving the building operation.

Systems now provide the ability to check temperature, lighting levels, safety status, and total energy usage – – all from a single screen.

Larger buildings may require multiple zones to monitor and instruct. When several engineers are managing larger sites, displays can be optimized for management function (energy saving, maintenance, help-desk) rather than for system function (lighting, HVAC, etc). Maintenance staff can check plant operation across all control fields, management can check energy usage, security staff can deal with access control, CCTV, and intruder alerts.

Better Control
Integrated Building Management Systems allow a level of control optimization to take place which is unavailable to stand-alone Building Management Systems. Security and access systems can instruct HVAC and lighting systems when the building is occupied; fire systems can control lifts; CCTV systems can be used to check fire alarms; heating systems can interact with cooling systems – the list is very expansive.

Occupants feel better, because the system is responding to them. At the end of the day, the system responds by changing its operation as occupant levels decrease, but recognize and adjust for late workers. Real-time intelligent control is now possible. Better control not only brings happier, healthier staff, but also generates energy-savings.


GreenEfficient® can provide a variety of hardware and software options designed to meet the specific needs of the Facility Manager.