Energy Services

certified energy management and retrocomissioning

Energy Services Group

GreenEfficient®’s Energy Services group takes a holistic approach to energy services management including lighting retrofits, energy service performance contracts (ESPCs), HVAC retrofits, building envelope retrofits, energy generation analysis and other energy inputs. By pairing this service with out other offerings, our clients maximize energy savings. Services include:

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC by ESCo)
  • Retro Commissioning Services (Retro Cx) by Professional Engineers (PE)
  • Energy Bill Management by Certified Energy Managers
  • Engineer-trained Day Support Staff
  • Building Envelope Retrofit Services
  • Creative Energy Financing
  • Creative HVAC Financing
  • ESCO Analysis Services

Many new and existing buildings do not utilize water or electricity savings mechanisms appropriately. The US Green Building Council reports that 53% of existing LEED buildings don’t even qualify for EnergyStar. We often work with clients to implement scheduling changes to their mechanical systems, staffing, and vendors to realize electricity savings. We offer an electricity hedging service that allows you to forgo the CAPEX costs while minimizing escalating energy prices.  This is simular to ESCO services.

We also hire commissioning agents to ensure that results are prepared for LEED-compliant formatted use. We work with these agents to ensure the cost-benefit analysis is current and the asset is performing within the projected scope. This usually happens after an energy audit.

GreenEfficient® also offers clients the opportunity to retrofit existing toilets, sinks, and dispensing systems with a variety of hands-free, ADA-compliant, and low-flow products including:

  • Motion sensor toilet flushers
  • Motion sensor faucets
  • Touch-free electrostatic GreenSeal soap dispensers
  • Touch-free high recycled content paper towel dispensers
  • Motion-sensor lighting