Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services

Nationwide Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services

Integrated Escalator and Elevator Lift Management Services

By partnering our award-winning elevator management software and analytics engine with top-tier elevator management providers, we can provide a comprehensive client-centric elevator management, elevator maintenance and elevator repair solution for enterprise and federal government clients.

We are capable of maintaining elevator services for entire portfolios of modern office and medical buildings, even if they are geographically dispersed. Our integrated elevator maintenance and elevator repair services offers clients with concerns about unionization and labor market conditions, a solution by providing a protective layer between them and the union signatory. By standing in that gap with our array of providers and array of software and project management capabilities, we can protect the client from adverse market and labor conditions.


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We provide complete elevator, escalator, brokerage, lighting, porter, HVAC, elevator, generator, roof and structural maintenance services.

Case Study: Why a Publically Traded Company Placed 160 Facilities with GreenEfficient®

The Problem: Multiple Facility Maintenance Vendors

In 2006, Consolidated Communications was struggling with managing their portfolio of 160 facilities across 50 cities. These facilities comprised 1,200,000 square feet of office, training, data center and mechanical areas spread across 250 miles. They struggled to find a single vendor who could maintain all the buildings which were in both city and rural areas, so they used multiple local vendors. This resulted in unsatisfactory conditions and high charges. By consolidating commercial real estate vendors across the entire portfolio of facilities, the client procurement team felt added value could be unlocked. If only they could find a trusted partner with the logistical skills necessary to execute such a complex project.

The Solution: Single Source Facility Maintenance and Management

Consolidated Communications turned to GreenEfficient®’s Omega Group for a solution to manage all 160 facilities. GreenEfficient® began services at all 160 buildings on the same day and performed exceptionally well, according to the client’s real estate manager. Consolidated Communications saved approximately $360,000 over the first 3 years by switching to GreenEfficient® while also receiving far superior service. Client staff was provided real time, even in 2006, photo inspections of all 160 locations – saving them additional travel time to inspection asset conditions.