Creation Care

All of Creation Should be Protected

We believe all of creation should be protected, and that means the buildings and the people in them. We know that Texas feels the same when it comes to preserving their great state and the great people in it.

What does “creation care” mean?

GreenEfficient® feels strongly that it is our job to be stewards of the earth that was given to us. We see being eco-friendly as more than a passing trend; it should be second nature to want to keep the world around us – and therefore the people we love – as healthy as possible.

We feel that every person deserves to thrive in a clean, healthy environment – indoors or out. Because of this, we started this company with the express intent to better the indoor and outdoor environment, and to educate everyone on how great it feels to be a little more conscious about how we care for this beautiful planet we call home.

Creation care is an important way in which we feel we can make a positive impact on the lives of others – in Texas or anywhere. Have you considered creation care as part of your house of worship’s mission?

Caring for your church or faith-based facility

Your parishioners are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to environmental awareness, and may have mixed feelings about it.

But a growing number of people are seriously concerned about the adverse effects of pollutants, chemicals and environmental toxins – not only on themselves, but especially when it comes to the health of their children. As more children are developing chemical sensitivities, allergies and other incurable, environmentally-triggered health issues, the importance of keeping your place of worship as hospitable as possible mustn’t stop at your pulpit.  

According to the National Institute of Health, allergic diseases affect as many as 40 to 50 million Americans, and that number is on the rise. Reducing exposure to indoor allergens can have major health benefits for everyone who enters your facility, especially those who have allergies or chemical sensitivities. After all, caring for creation means not only of the earth, but the people who inhabit it.

Let GreenEfficient® help you with your creation care goals. We can provide an indoor health assessment for your facility, address external building issues, and provide you with solutions that are cost-effective and parishioner-friendly.

Contact us regarding our affiliations with various religious denominations and the value we add to their facilities. We offer creation care services for Texas and beyond.