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GreenEfficient® Management, Inc. is an expert team of Texas-licensed commercial real estate brokers (TREC Corporate Broker, License #9004453). We are based in the major Texas markets of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth with working knowledge of their submarkets as well as rural markets. In a world of pricing competition in both tenant rep and owner rep, we realize the market is not truly a zero-sum game. We are able to straddle both sides by engaging our commercial property management service and space optimization strategies to get both sides added value.

We find and broker off-market deals because we’re entrenched in a few markets. Our commercial real estate brokers are experienced in office buildings, land, medical office buildings and industrial warehouses.

Our commercial real estate services team provides our clients with the unique benefit of having an in-house team of compliance, technical and engineering professionals at their disposal. GreenEfficient® enables our client facilities to realize their unmet potential while reducing or eliminating tenant turnover.

The beautiful thing about finding quality commercial real estate investments, which provide reduced tenant turnover, is that it provides a cumulative benefit for office building investors. You don’t have to worry about whether the asset will perform because our brokerage team does the legwork to ensure the asset is worth of investment from the outset. Our brokerage team is committed to our building owners and investors.

Texas’ Commercial Brokers

  • Owner Representation
  • Owner Advisory
  • Office Turn-Arounds
  • Office Investment Analysts
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Expense Management & Reporting
  • Complete Facility Maintenance
  • Facility Financial Management
  • Restructuring of Corporate Properties
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Asset Management Dashboards
  • Construction Management
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Workplace Solutions
  • Office Management

Texas’ Brokers

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Ft. Worth
  • The Woodlands
  • Katy
  • San Antonio
  • Sugar Land
  • Other Major Markets


Our brokers maximize investment returns and core asset value through deep relationships, remarkable client service and proactive engagement with real estate owners.


Case Study: How we saved a building investor $3 Million

The Problem: LEED Lease Violations by Property Manager

texas commercial real estate broker services Houston office buildingIn early 2008, Panatonni contacted GreenEfficient® because they suspected their property management company (the largest property manager in the USA and publically traded) and its facility maintenance (also the largest in the USA and publically traded) were not meeting sustainability requirements within the lease provisions. The tenants of the 90% occupied facilities were preparing a clawback process over LEED lease provisions which were not followed by the property management company. GreenEfficient® conducted an audit of the 300,000 square feet of LEED facilities and presented our reports to the asset owner. Within 30 days, the original property manager and their facility vendor were removed from the property assignment by the asset owner.

The Solution: Structured Process to LEED Lease Compliance

Once again, the asset owner tapped GreenEfficient®’s portfolio of services to bring the facility back within expectations and to interface with the tenants. GreenEfficient® began a 6-month process to bring the building back into compliance with LEED and basic EnergyStar standards while working with the tenants to assure them of LEED lease compliance. GreenEfficient® provided LEED-compliant facility management services for the owner from 2008-2011 when the asset was disposed to another owner. During this period, we saved the asset owner approximately $450,000 in lease clawbacks by reducing the LEED lease claims of the tenants. In addition, we created an additional $3,000,000 in asset value protection by maintaining tenant satisfaction levels for renewals and increased EnergyStar performance.


GreenEfficient® focuses client resources on providing operationally efficient services. Efficiency is doing only the right things.


GreenEfficient® has been the leader in doing things right through innovative business modeling, reporting and asset maximization.

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GreenEfficient® sends our property managers to be trained in remarkable client service at AAA Five Star Resorts.