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Finding the Right Green Janitorial Services

March 24, 2010  /  janitorial services

Having a LEED building is considered an honor for any building owner. This prestige should be kept by business owners at all costs. A green janitorial service is what a green building should have for its facilities. These services ensure that the facilities retain their best condition at all times. Since a LEED building promotes […]

The Times Call For Greener Cleaning Methods

March 10, 2010  /  janitorial services

Green cleaning is not an impossible thing to have these days. Most people demand to have this service done to their properties which is why there are so many companies which offer this kind of service. Especially for property owners, they want to ensure that they are marketing the best building in their area. This […]

Know What Is Right For A Green Building

March 3, 2010  /  janitorial services

Entrusting green cleaning to just anybody is the most irresponsible thing that an office building owner can do. There are a lot of people who are staying in a commercial building each day. It seems logical for the building owners to realize their responsibility to these people. They need to take into consideration the health […]

LEED Buildings Deserve Only One Kind of Janitorial Service

February 24, 2010  /  janitorial services Lifestyle

LEED building owners have the main responsibility of ensuring the quality of their facility. This means that they need to have the right property maintenance procedures done. A part of this will include janitorial services to keep the facility clean all the time. There is a reason why a LEED building is called green building. […]

The LEED AP – Truly Committed

October 4, 2009  /  janitorial services

The LEED Accredited Professional brings a lot to your building’s green wellness table.  The USGBC has very specific LEED AP guidelines.  Qualifications for testing are strenuous and the testing itself is rigorous.  LEED AP’s bring significant value and meritorious insight to every project.LEED AP’s for janitorial services must comply the U.S. Green Building Council’s Commercial […]

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