Best Marcus Buckingham Quotes from Global Leadership Summit 2017

August 25, 2017  /  commercial property management Lifestyle
  • “Leading is taking someone’s unique gifts and helping them contribute to the world.”
  • “Excellence has its own pattern. You learn nothing about excellence by studying your failures.”
  • “When you take bad and invert it, you just get ‘not bad.’ Good is something so much better.”
  • “People on your team want two things: 1) Make me feel apart of something bigger than me. 2) Make me feel special.”
  • “People say they want feedback, but they don’t. They want attention.”
  • “I believe God blessed us with unique gifts and work is a space to discover those unique gifts and spread them to the world.”

The GreenEfficient® management team attended the Global Leadership Summit in August of 2017.


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