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Commercial Office Leasing in Dallas

May 14, 2018  /  commercial office leasing

Commercial Office Leasing Across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Submarkets The Dallas commercial office leasing market has rapidly grown over the past decade and is poised for continued growth. Almost 7.4 million people now live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Commonly referred to as DFW, or The Metroplex, it consists of 13 counties. DFW is Texas’s […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Texas Storage Unit Development

May 14, 2018  /  commercial real estate brokers

In 1964, Russ Williams and his stepson Bob Munn built the first self-storage facility with garage-style doors in Odessa, Texas. Over the years, self-storage facilities have cropped up all over the nation. Currently, self-storage is a multi-billion dollar industry, bringing in $38 billion in annual revenue. Almost 10 percent of all American households rents a […]

Commercial Property Management in Dallas and the Metroplex

May 4, 2018  /  commercial property management

When many people hear about Dallas commercial property management, and real estate, they immediately think of cattle ranches and oil properties. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, a.k.a. DFW, or The Metroplex, was certainly built on those industries. However, the modern metro area has grown beyond its humble heritage into a diverse economic area with expansive […]

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