10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job Now And Start A New Company

July 9, 2011  /  Lifestyle

If you are getting sick of your job, consider starting your own company instead of working for the man for the rest of your life. Here are ten reasons you should tell your boss that they can take your job and give it to somebody else.

1. You Can Be Your Own Boss

When you work for yourself, nobody can tell you what to do.

2. You Can Get Out Of Your Cubicle

Cubicles sap the creativity and drive out of a person. If you start your own company, you might never have to sit in a beige box again.

3. You Can Set Your Own Hours

If you work better at night, work at night. When you work for yourself, you can work whenever you want.

4. You Can Take Fitness Breaks

Many studies have concluded that sitting in an office for eight hours every day is unhealthy. People should take frequent breaks to move around.

5. You Can Stop Wasting Time In Unnecessary Meetings

Nothing can ruin a productive day like a three hour meeting. Quit your job, and say goodbye to those time wasters.

6. You Can Say Goodbye To Your Coworkers

While you might have a good relationship with one or two of your coworkers, there are probably quite a few people at your job who drive you crazy. If you quit your job now to start your own company, you can save goodbye to them forever.

7. You Can Spend More Time With Family

If you work at home while you are starting your new company, you will be able to spend extra time with those you love.

8. You Can Save Wear What You Want

If you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, you can.

9. You Can Say Goodbye To Your Commute

Commuting is expensive and boring.

10. You Can Pursue A Dream

You only get one life. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams.

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