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How to Calculate the Cap Rate of an Office Building Investment

February 10, 2017  /  Uncategorized

Whenever an investor is looking to purchase a commercial property, they want to know how much income it will generate. Whether it is a commercial space, office space or an apartment complex, having a good idea of the return on the investment is crucial, especially when comparing similar properties. A common way to calculate this more »

The 3 Attributes of Success in Delegating Authority

December 5, 2016  /  Leadership

Probably the most common misunderstanding I hear when trying to help other leaders is that they believe there is a universal rule that leaders always must delegate authority. This common fallacy comes from weak readers who turn into weak leaders. Yes, the reading effects the leading. In more averagely-run organizations, the employees (or stakeholders) are more »

Chris McChessney Talk at Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2016

September 21, 2016  /  Leadership Uncategorized

Our management team attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this year. One of our favorite speakers was Chris McChessney. Chris is a VP at Franklin Covey and an excellent communicator. Here are some of the notes from his talk. Chris’ Book: The Four Disciplines of Execution Talk Subject: The Disciplines of Execution What do leaders more »

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